Project Pan 2018 | Lets do 18 in 2018

Hi, Beauties,

I know everyone starts Project Pans at the beginning of the year, but there is no better time to begin than the present.

For those of you who don’t know project pan is when you select products from your collection and you dedicate yourself to using them up or hitting pan.

Most makeup junkies can agree with me on one thing; you have so much makeup but not enough time to use it all and you just keep buying more! I have a lot of products I neglect. That is why I have chosen to try and use up 18 products by the end of 2018! There are some products I love that I use all the time, and there are items I neglect and want to form a better opinion of/get more use out of. This should be fun!

I am going to be doing a purge of my makeup in the next couple days, anything that is expired/unsafe to be used up (sadly there are lipglosses from about 7-10 years ago lingering around) (don’t worry I never touch them just haven’t gotten round to tossing them) will be going in the trash. Anything I can donate to a friend (stuff that is still good, but cant use: Sensitive to it or just doesn’t go well with me) I will and then I will fill my makeup bag with my items I want to use up.


Wish me luck!

Are any of you beauties doing project pans?

Link them below for inspiration!

Till next time.


AOA Wonder Metal Liquid Lipstick

Hello, Beauties!

Happy 4th of July to my American readers. I hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating.

Who doesn’t love makeup deals? I have been shopping online for a while now and recently started shopping from Shop Miss A. The best part is all of there makeup is cruelty-free. Now with everything being $1 from the basic line, I knew there was a risk of some hits and misses. I wouldn’t mind spending a dollar to test out something that may save me a lot of money in the long run. Why would you buy a 20-dollar lipstick if you can get the same quality and shade for 1/20th of the price?

I bought 3 AOA Studio lipsticks to see for myself if these one-dollar lipsticks are truly fab finds. I am going to be reviewing them individually as they are all different formulations. The one I was most excited for was the colour Vanity- in the wonder metal formulation.

Here’s how the packaging looks:



You can see the colour here on my lips:


The formula is pretty thick. They are not very heavy on the lips, it is a pretty comfortable formulation. They last about 5 to 6 hours, but oily foods will fade them faster, so just be prepared to reapply.

I really want to compare these to color pop, the color pop line does hold up a little better over the course of the day and against any oily foods, but for the $1 price tag, you really can’t go wrong.

Overall, these lipsticks are not bad especially if you think about the price. Just keep in mind if you are in Canada shipping is about $10 so please make sure to order a few things to get your money worth on shipping!

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Have a beautiful day


Love It or Lose It: Essence Volume & Stylist Lash Extension Mascara

When I first saw this mascara I knew I had to buy it. Lash fibers, 18 hour wear and under $5, seemed way to go to pass over.I’ve used it since about last month and I think I am finally ready to pass judgement.

This mascara has fibers in it,you can definitely see them in the close up shot.
I have to say, I have had it for over a month and the formula has thickened up a lot. It was almost like water at first so I definitely prefer it thicker.
PROS: It is really lengthening, I love how black it is. I was a bit skeptical about the applicator, it has an oval shape, bigger in the middle,but with a bit of practice as able to make it work well foe me. It It lasted a full 8 hour shift and is easy to remove.

CONS: I like that it has fibers but it might be a problem if you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts as they might fall into your eyes, although is never happened to me. You can not wear just one layer, the fibers will look patchy and uneven wich is not great if you are in a rush. I find i have to clean the want every few application or it can be very clumpy, bit this is pretty minor. Essence mascaras in general usually dry out quicker but for that price I really don’t care and it’s good practice to have a fresh one frequently anyways.

Lasting power: 8/10 it lasted my full shift but not 18 hours. Still better then some of my higher cost ones.

Price point: 10/10 under $5 for a mascara even at the drugstore is great!

Ease of application: 6/10 the wand and fiber clumpyness were hardest things for me as I found got worse near the end of the month.

Crulety free: Yes

Love it or Lose it: Love it but won’t be re buying it. Over all this was a hit for the price, but I have 7 other mascara tubes to use so I not in need of replacing it.

Do you have any mascaras you love?


Converting To Cruelty Free by 2019

Animal testing has been on my mind lately. I sat down and really looked at my makeup collection and I have come to realize my favorite products are actually made by companies that test on animals.

It has taken me years to find products that work with my skin. I have lots of unopened products that sadly can’t be returned and being on a budget I can’t just throw them out so I will be using them up. However, I am going to use everything up and find replacements that are cruelty-free.

My aim, for the end of 2018, is to have found replacements for a lot of my animal cruelty products. It may seem like a while but I think swapping out products for other brands will be a lot of trial and error + the time it will take me to actually use up my remaining products. Not many foundations work with my skin at all and I think this is going to be the biggest issue. Another issue is going to be finding products that are truly 100% cruelty-free, there are a lot of lists out there and a lot of labels on packaging, but some lists haven’t been updated In years and some brands don’t advertise the product is cruelty-free.

I do really wish that I was less selfish and that I could easily just throw away or stop using products that are tested on animals, but at the moment that just isn’t an option for me, maybe in the future, I will be able to do a massive purge.

The main products that I want to swap out are the foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadows. I currently by chance have a few cruelty free products that I love and I hope to be able to branch more into those brands and find some new beauty favorites!

I will update as I try out new products and keep track of how much of my makeup has been swapped out.


Doing My Own Gel Nails

Those of you who know me know that I always have my nails done (usually a bio gel with shellac overlay) as my natural nails break at work. Water, animals and thin nails do not match. Gel manicures (like, actual gel polish NOT Essie’s Gel Couture) are the only thing that can get a guaranteed week or so out of. I have pretty weak nails, wash lots pts, and work with my hands a lot so regular polish is a complete waste of time.

I am very lucky to have a good friend who bought the Gelish Complete Starter Kit at the pro beauty store I decided to try it, my first attempt wasn’t a huge success. I did it too thick it bubbled and peeled off easy. So to say I was defeated was an understatement. I figured to leave it to the pros.

So, fairly regularly for the past few years, I’ve been going to nail salons to get my manicures done. It typically costs around $50-60 and that can add up fast! It’s worth it to me, not only because I like my nails polished, but I do so much filming/photos that I feel like it gives a more professional and put together look.

Scheduling nail appointments have become harder and harder lately between work, blogging and youtubing. I also made it a goal to spend less money this year to pay off more of my school debt. So armed with youtube and my friend’s lamp I decided to give it a second try. This time I have had much better results. I took the time to gently buff my nails made sure to prime them properly and made sure to take my time.


It’s steep at the beginning because you are investing in all the tools you need, but after 2 home manicures, it will have paid for itself and I will have lots of colours to pick from.

If you are doing your own at home gel manicure, with the UV light, here are a few tips I’ve learned from my experience.

1. Do not go near the cuticle. Seriously just don’t do it. Once it touches it, it’s over.

2. Take the time to push back and nip any long cuticles first. Then buff your nails to slightly “rough up” the surface a bit. The polish will adhere better.

3. Use thin coats. Bubbles are the worst and they are a result of coats of nail polish that are too thick (both with gel and regular polish).

4. Follow the curing directions based on your product. Don’t try to overdo it, but don’t try and shortcut either.

Let me know if you end up trying it!