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September No Buy Recap

Hello beauties,

O.M.G. it’s October. I officially didn’t do to terrible with my no buy, I only had 2 hiccups and it really wasn’t that horrible.


The first hiccup happened around the beginning of the month. I normally  do my own manicure/gel polish so I save a lot of money that way, but it has been a few months and I ran out of my top coat/ base coat and I only owned 2 colours and both were almost gone. Sadly I bite the bullet and went to buy more… but it was great timing as everything was BOGO.

Top coat=$18 and I got my base coat free (also $17)

I bought 2 colours as well. Normally $18 each but I scored one for free!

So sadly it was $42 after tax how ever  my one manicure at the salon every 2 weeks is $50 so still an $8 initial savings, and I will save money for weeks to come.
At the end of the month my sister in law went to the nail salon and invited me. I mentioned before it had been months.. I caved as I wanted a professional manicure just as a treat, so this was $40, but I made sure to only pay out of money I had put aside from my tips at work.


$82 isn’t great as a monthly total spend, but it could have been a lot worse. I didn’t buy any misc. items and  to me everything I bought was worth it and will be used fully, not just sitting around in a drawer waiting to be used.


If you are doing a no buy how is yours going?
Have a wonderful weekend.



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