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Used and Abused Makeup Products Tag

Hello, Beauties!

So this tag is an oldie, but a goodie. If you watch makeup videos on YouTube you have probably seen this tag. The point is to show you a handful of items that I have used and abused, (are almost gone or cannot go without).


For this one, I am going to show you my four most used and abused items and then I will tag a couple of bloggers to show me there most used and abused.  Here we go…

First Up I have 2 Revlon Lip Butters

Peach Parfait (darker) and the pink one is so old the name has rubbed off.

I use both of these almost every day. Peach Parfait is my go-to when wearing a natural lip just to moisturize and add a tint of colour. The light pink I wear over my nude lips to give them a bit of shine. This is actually my 3rd of Peach Parfait and the 2nd of the light pink. Sadly Peach parfait will be the only rebuy as the lighter shade has been discontinued.


Next, I have my Essence Nude lip liner. This is actually my 3rd of this one! I use this as a lip colour and not just a liner so I go through it very fast. It is literally my perfect nude lip. I have one of these already as back up. They cost $3.99 so whenever I am on the last one I try and grab another. The pencils are smaller than your typical NYX pencil, but for the cost its a great deal compared to the $10.99 lipstick I like in a similar colour when I like this one more.


Lastly, I have one more Essence product.  Essence False Lashes mascara. This is my daily wear mascara. I am not going to lie. I originally bought this with the intention of tossing it after a few uses. I was on vacation and I forgot to bring my mascara and this was on sale for $2.99. At first, I HATED this mascara I was to wet, hard to work with and I didn’t like the brush.. now… flash forward 3 months and it dried out a tiny bit… Now I love it.  I am down to the last little bit in the tube… I sadly won’t be rebuying this as it has been discontinued, but after I finish the other 6 open tubes of mascara I will be looking for a similar one to this.

I Challange @lizzumsbb To do this tag.

Have you posted a used and abused? If so please share your link below.

Until next post xx




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