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Products I regret buying…

Hello, beauties.

Today is going to be a different kind of post as I am sure you can tell from the title. I will throw in the disclaimer now before someone decides to chew my face off, just because I don’t like these particular products, doesn’t mean I dislike the brand or that they won’t work for you. Some products just don’t work for some people or just happen to fall short of peoples expectations.

Let us get started.


As I am sure you can see from the photo, my first regret is the Elf Cosmetics Contour Brush. Now I know this is only $1 USD or $1.35 Canadian, but how you see it in the photo is the exact way it has been since day one. The brush sadly arrived with the top portion not attached just kind of sitting on. I have tried many times to glue the brush back together as I do like the feel of the Elf eye brushes. Sadly this one can not be saved and this individual brush was a flop for me.


Next up we have a cult favourite Benefit They’re Real Mascara. Now I know a lot of people are going to scream “how can you not love this!”, but I really don’t.  This does have an amazing black colour, but the wand was horrible for me. I have lashes that naturally like to crisscross and the ball at the end of this wand kept sticking them together. I also felt like it took so many coats to get my lashes to look the way I like. I will say this had amazing staying power, but that leads to my other major downfall, taking this mascara off! I had to scrub it off! My skin is so sensitive and none of my makeup removers could take this off without rubbing, This was a trial size I received in a beauty box so I am not sure of the retail value. Sadly this will be one Benefit product I will not be buying.

Lastly, I have the AOA brand Wonder cover concealer in porcelain. Now I will say I had been warned before buying this that it can be very hit or miss. I decided that with the $1 USD price tag ($1.35 Canadian) I would give it a shot. I binned this within days of having it. I tried every way possible to use this product and it truly just wasn’t worth it. It is horribly thick and almost clumpy. It has a doe foot applicator, but it’s very rough. The formula doesn’t blend well no matter how fast you go to use it. The finish is very cakey and chalky.  While I have loved most of my AOA products this one fell short for me and will not be repurchased unless they have a formula change.


I try my best to research every product I buy, but every product will work differently for every person. I am happy that I have very few products that have fallen short of my expectations or been complete flops. Have you had any purchases that fell short or your expectations?



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