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AOA Makeup Brushes


Today we are going to talk about makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are essential when it comes to doing your make up from beginner to professional. I have bought brushes from a lot of companies over the years (Mac, Sigma, Crown: to name a few). Of course, all of these higher end brands are known for there quality and longevity.  All of my Sigma brushes are still going strong after 7 years!! However, at $25 or more per brush for some companies brushes it is not only expensive but not practical for everyone. Also please note this post is not sponsored all items were purchased by me and I just really liked them enough to share.

I am always looking to expand my makeup brush selection. High end or Drugstore doesn’t really make a huge difference to me. I am not “all about the brand”. If I can find a company that makes a good quality product at a reasonable price I will give them a chance.

Now that being said I have had some hits and some misses, (we will save the misses for another day) but I have found a brush set that I have actually gifted I have liked it that much!

AOA Studio Brush set.

These can be purchased on the website and they are cruelty-free and Vegan.

These come in a set of 10 brushes and a roll-up case.  The set includes some eye and face brushes!  I will be honest I keep my brushes in a jar for easy use and visibility, I did think the roll looked cheap so I binned it right away. After conversion and Shipping, this set will cost you about $35 Canadian or $3.50 a brush!

From the website:



I have had these brushes now for about 6 months and I honestly think I can give them A fair review. The first day I got them I was worried. I washed them and 3 of them lost a tiny amount of fibres. My first thought “oh great they are going to fall apart before I even use them”. Flash forward 6 months and thankfully I was very wrong. These get used weekly and washed every few weeks (they are more my backup set), but they haven’t shed since any they are holding up beautifully! They are also so incredibly soft even after washing. If you are new to makeup and need a base set of brushes or you are looking to add more brushes to your collection these will be a great bang for your buck. $35 is a great price point to make them affordable to everyone. You can also be happy you’re buying a cruelty-free product.


Have you found any hidden gems? Maybe an off brand no one else really talks about? Id love to know! Also If you have used any AOA products please let me know below!



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