It’s Time For A No Buy

There comes a time in life when you’re stacking pallets up, desperately trying to fit them in your drawer and you’re constantly rearranging your lipstick drawer just to try and find a spot for that 10th perfect red you just had to have. This is when you need to step back and realize you will never finish off these makeup products if you just keep buying more.

I am a bargain shopper when it comes to beauty. Sales are my best friend, but just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean I need to have it. The sheer amount of products I have to get through and realizing that products have expiry dates means if I don’t want to be throwing money down the drain I need to start using my products now.

This no buy will be pretty straightforward. I will post any and all beauty purchases to hold my self-accountable.

If I have it, I won’t be buying it. So that face wash I love… I have 5 others I don’t love, but those go first.

If it has gone bad or genuinely can’t be used it will be binned and once I am out of other options I may replace it.

There is no set end to this no buy, it over once I make a reasonable dent in my stash.

Project pan will now just be empties, but that means you will see more posts.

If I receive a beauty item by means of a gift or for review this does not count as it was not bought by me, but it will still have to be used up before purchasing a replacement.

I haye doing a no buy this close to the holidays, but who knows maybe I will make a dent and need some replacements by then.

Wish me luck


Just A Quick Update

Hello Beauties,

I am sorry about the delay in posting, but there have been a few thing slowing me down lately.

As some of you may know I recently changed job loactions and with that came a lot of craziness( moving all my stuff, new hours and just getting back into routines).

My macbook was out of commmison. My I tunes would not log in or reset the password so I wasnt able to update and that caused a whole slew of new issues (Thank fully it is fixed now and I have all my post images and bullet notes back.)

Until things are back to normal I am going to be dropping down to a commited once a week post (my wednesday post) and if I have any extra time in the week I will add a bonus post.  unfortunatly being without my mac cause a big back log in things I need to do.


Till wednesday!


Under the Cupboard Potions: Shower Souffle

Hello, Lovelies,

Sorry I have been MIA. I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to thoroughly test this product before posting about it.

I was recently introduced to a small local Canadian bath company called “Under The Cupboard Potions” by my best friend// sister in law. ((Check her out Here!)) Naturally, with the unicorn phase that has been very popular, she got me an 8oz jar of there “Unicorn Crap”. An 8oz Jar retails for about $12 Canadian. Under The Cupboard Potions Facebook page for all those interested.

Now anyone who knows me knows that my skin is super sensitive. That is the main reason I wanted to test this out before posting about it. As you can see the 8oz jar comes full to the top and the bit that I have used is a week’s worth. The product is marketed as a whipped body wash and shaving cream.



Let me start off with the basics. Smell is labelled as bubble gum and rainbows. Now I don’t know what rainbows smell like, it is definitely bubble gum scented and possibly a candy sent, somewhere around skittles and bubblegum. The company offers a range of scents this one is specific to the “Unicorn Crap”.


The texture of this is very similar to a whipped body butter, very light and creamy. If you can picture a thick whipped cream you are picturing this. Thankfully despite its sweet smell, it is not sticky or overly strong once it hits the skin and a little bit goes a long way.

This product does not lather up like traditional body wash. You will get a small leather (see photo below), however, you will still feel clean and it rinses away without a residue.


Now I tend to break out from a lot of things so after my shower with this the first time I gave it 24 hours and waited. To my surprise I noticed two things, firstly I did not break out, I wasn’t itchy and my skin didn’t feel “tight”. Secondly, I didn’t need a moisturizer right way. Most body washes dry out my skin and I am lathering on moisturizer within a few hours. Now this body had natural oils in it and I think that helped me a lot.

I have been using this daily since and I still have had no sensitivity and surprisingly my skin seems to be staying more hydrated post-shower so I have been going easier on my body lotions. I also have to add it works great as a shaving cream. I am a huge fan of not having to use multiple products, not only does this save me time but it saves me money. With how moisturizing it is I have not had an issue with shaving. It doesn’t give me any kind of razor burn or irritation on my skin post shave.

If you are looking for Canadian made bath products and also want to support a small business I highly recommend checking them out. I will be buying a few more of there products in the future and hopefully, I will get a chance to review them for you.

Do you have any local brands that you love?
What are your favourite bath products?

Till next time beauties.